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Appraisal Firewall is secure, web-based real estate appraisal software for lenders to manage their own appraisal process. We enable lenders to work with their trusted local appraisers, plus any AMCs they want to work with, to gain more control, reduce costs, and increase the speed of production. Appraisal Firewall helps lenders comply with all appraisal regulations.
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All New Enterprise Edition

The All-New Appraisal Firewall Enterprise edition is currently in Beta. Enterprise enables you to work more efficiently in managing your own appraisal process. You gain increased protection from appraisal regulations and audits. And, you get the pleasure of doing this from any tablet or smart phone. Watch the video below.

Appraisal Firewall Enterprise Edition

Key Features

Mobile Ready

Appraisal Firewall Brings Increased Accessibility by Expanding Usage to Tablets and Smart Phones.

The Enterprise Edition is available on any device: from desktop to laptop to tablet to smart phone. We set out building the Enterprise Edition with the goal that Appraisal Firewall must to provide you and your appraisers with the same experience on the tablet as the desktop. By encompassing all devices, we have increased access and communication capabilities: no matter where you or your appraiser may be, you can utilize the powerful computing capabilities and internet access that modern mobile devices provide.