Love your appraisal process
within Encompass!

Appraisal Firewall is web-based real estate appraisal software for mortgage lenders to manage their own appraisal process.  Lenders can connect to their trusted local appraisers, plus AMCs, within one location.  The best part?  Encompass users get Appraisal Firewall's look and feel right within Encompass so there is no rekeying of borrower or property data.  Appraisal Firewall is not an AMC.

  • Built for lenders!  Appraisal Firewall is the most customizable appraisal integration available in Encompass
  • Order your appraisal products right from within your familiar LOS
  • Completed PDF appraisals, UCDP SSR’s, invoices, audit logs, and more delivered back to Encompass
  • Control which appraisal data fields and documents you want delivered back
  • Every appraisal automatically runs through an underwriting ruleset to ensure appraisal standards are met
  • Build customizable reports, including average turn times and pricing sheets for TRID
  • Comply with Reg B with borrower e-delivery right from your Encompass order
  • Complies with all Appraisal Independence Requirements
  • Order your AVMs and Property Condition Reports too!
  • Learn More!

Contact Appraisal Firewall today at 

800-537-0760 or sales@appraisalfirewall.com to set up a demo.